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a discussion we had in WLC concerning women.

i had this same conversation with my cousin that (used to) not think black women (especially dark skin women) were attractive.

the social conditioning of self hatred and internalized racism is real out here man.

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I ignored your aura but it grabbed me by the hand, like the moon pulled the tide, and the tide pulled the sand.

Talib Kweli

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Flowery cottage tucked away in Olcott, New York.

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Flowery cottage tucked away in Olcott, New York.


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support our troops

I’ll never unlike this video.

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Frank Ocean for Oyster Magazine
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Frank Ocean for Oyster Magazine

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Banks & Bryant
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Inspired entirely by and lyrics pulled from this post.


Driver, lower my tuition please.
Driver, lower my tuition please.
I don have enough money for my basic needs.
Working 40+ hours just to pay my rent
Now I don’t even have a single cent
Tuition is high, I gotta pay for books
Oh I’m so broke . I don’t wanna look
I popped open my wallet, no funds to count
My credit declined and my check just bounced
Oh, there daddy, daddy betta bring that TAP
Oh, baby, baby where my FASFA at?
Gon’ take 45 years to pay off all dis debt
And I ain’t even finished college yet
Took all my money… I just want to get a decent credit score, a decent credit score
Took all my money .. I can’t even pay this interest no more, pay this interest no more
This debt gon kill me

This is the best post on tumblr thus far in 2014.


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Recorded on Jay-Z’s iPhone. No amped mic, no reverb. JUST Bey.

Beyonce is magic.

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